• 2019 -2020 District Goals



    To deepen teacher understanding in all disciplines of our current K-12 curricula and the Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Social Studies C-3 Framework as we prepare for full implementation in the 2020-21 school year.

    To further develop the K-12 literacy continuum, incorporating an articulated skills progression, clear student learning targets, and common academic vocabulary across all disciplines. 

    To expand and implement continued K-12 research experiences providing students with greater opportunities to engage in authentic inquiry, design, and presentation.

    To continue to expand and enhance the middle-level experience for students in grades 5-8 through best practices in teaming and cross-disciplinary connections, with an emphasis on the unique needs of the adolescent learner.


    To continue evaluating and enhancing the integration of technology to support student-centered learning in collaborative learning environments and redesigned instructional spaces.

    To establish a digital and media literacy continuum including an articulated skills progression, coding, and digital citizenship.

     Health, Wellness, and Safety

    To continue evaluating and enhancing our approach to social-emotional well-being by teaching self-awareness, good decision-making, and strengthening and cultivating healthy relationships between and among our students and the wider school community.


    To address the district’s security, academic, and infrastructure needs through the proposal to the community of a bond referendum in the fall of 2019.


    To develop a budget that balances the programmatic needs of the district with the constraints of the tax cap and rising costs while also ensuring stability and long-term financial health.


    Adopted September 10, 2019