Course Description

  •       GOALS   

              1.- the ability of the student to understand and respond appropriately to spoken Spanish using a variety of advanced s, appropriate tense sequence and vocabulary.

                2.-the ability of the student to comprehend authentic listening materials, to answer questions, and discuss the contents of the materials,  As Spanish is spoken exclusively  in the classroom, this also serve to reinforce their listening skills.

                3.- the comprehension of authentic reading materials such as magazines and newspaper articles, novels, poetry, short stories, opinions, and repost to the class, as well as present written resumes of the reading materials.

                4.- the ability to write coherently, resourcefully and with some fluency about a variety of situations, students are required to express their ideas and opinions using advance grammar, tense sequence, and appropriate vocabulary.


    Content: Grammar will be reviewed all year using handouts and the IPADS.  The listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar sections of the  exam will be tested throughout the year using various  test preparation books.  Many short stories will be read, discussed and tested throughout the school year.  Vocabulary will be learned from various reading assignments as well as through  vocabulary lists.  Students will be exposed to native Spanish speakers from different countries using the Internet, movies, popular songs, radio news reports and websites.