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    (This course meets the New York State graduation requirement.) 20 Weeks (½ Year) - 5 Days Per Week  (one class is every other day)
    The major goals of the tenth grade course are to stress wellness: to assist teens in learning that personal wellness begins with the individual taking responsibility for his or her own health. There will be a review of the many factors that are within one’s control that influence one's health: physical fitness; nutrition; stress control; avoiding alcohol, tobacco, or drug use; AIDS education; practicing good safety habits; and using medical care wisely. The course will also focus on all the aspects of human sexuality that help to shape the complex world of the young teenager.




    Grading policy


                30% - Class work and participation (being in class)


                70% - Quizzes, Tests, Homework and projects




    Text:  Glencoe Health 2005






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