Robotics Engineering HS Elective

  • Robotics Engineering

    Grade level 9-12

    1/2 year HS elective, 1/2 credit


    Robotics Engineering HS elective


    Create, Design, Build and Program

    Lego EV3 and “new” VEX IQ Robots





    Course description:

    Students will learn to design, program and control fully functional Mindstorms  Lego EV3 or VEX IQ robotic series generation. They will use software to plan, test and modify sequences of instructions for a variety of life-like robotic behaviors. The activities will cover topics that include science, technology, engineering and mathematics (stem). The course also introduces students to alternative energy sources including solar and wind power applications.

    Students will work to solve open ended robotic building tasks and software programming to achieve a stated goal. Upon completion of goal, students will then contemplate what they have constructed and adapt their ideas to encourage continuation or extension of original obstacle with increasingly difficult challenges within the same theme.

    This course builds on the GTT introduction to robotics and employs a “principles of engineering” environment with a focus on a stated goal or purpose.