Physical Education Make up classes

  • Physical Education Quarterly Make Up Classes

    Students who miss more than 2 classes per quarter, are unprepared for class and/or lack effort and participation in class are encouraged to attend makeup classes.  2-3 makeup classes are offered each marking period from 7-7:40 am.  Students need to be changed and ready to participate in the lobby of the Field House on the scheduled make up day.  Students will not be permitted to make up a class if they arrive late or are not appropriately dressed for the makeup class.  Make up class dates will be posted on the student's progress report, signs will be posted throughout the field house and announcements will be made in class and during homeroom. 

    ***Please note: classes that are unexcused can't be made up***

    Quarter 1 Makeups:

    Quarter 2 Makeups:

    Quarter 3 Makeups:

    Quarter 4 Makeups: