Grading Policy

  • Throughout the year students in all of my classes will be graded on varying assignments ranging from quick writes to creative projects to academic essays.  Point values will be assigned to each task and students will be made aware of the potential number of points that can be earned when the assignment is given.  The value range is generally between 5 points, for something relatively brief and simple, to 200 points for an analysis based essay where content and mechanics are being evaluated independently.  

    Extra credit opportunities are offered throughout the year.  Students will get extra credit for reading the Book Club book of the month and attending our discussions (typically the third Wednesday evening of the month at 6:30); writing for the high school newspaper, literary magazine, or other related publication; or engaging in some other in-school or out of school activity that involves skills critical to their development as students of English.  If a student feels that he/she is engaged in an activity that falls under the third aforementioned category, he/she should see me to discuss.