• AP Spanish Language

    Exam Formatof

    Section I Multiple Choice 70 questions 50%


    80 min.

    Part A: Listening

    Short Dialogues and Narratives

    34 questions 20%


    Long Dialogues and Narratives 35 min.

    Part B: Reading Reading Comprehension 36 questions 30% 45 min.

    Section II Free Response 50%


    85 min.

    Part A: Writing

    Interpersonal Writing

    1 prompt (10%)

    10 minutes



    Presentational Writing 65 min.

    (Integrated Skills)

    1 prompt (20%)

    Approx. 55 minutes

    Part B: Speaking

    Interpersonal Speaking —

    Simulated Conversation

    5–6 response

    prompts (10%)

    20 seconds to

    respond to each 20%


    20 min.

    Presentational Speaking —

    Oral Presentation

    (Integrated Skills)

    1 prompt (10%)

    2 minutes to


    Student Preparation

    All four language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) should be practiced

    and integrated regularly, either in the classroom or in a language laboratory. All

    modes of communication — Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational — should

    be routinely used. Teachers should refer to the “Claims” and “Evidence” sections

    (see pp. 5–6) on a regular basis to guide preparation and instruction. In addition,

    examples of exam tasks are available on AP Central. Teachers can provide these

    exercises to their students as well as devising similar activities and tasks of their own.

    It is recommended that student preparation encompass regular practice of individual

    language skills, as well as integrated skills, either in the classroom or in a language

    laboratory, using authentic materials whenever possible. Students must be exposed to

    authentic language from the very beginning of language learning.