Special Education

  • Mission Statement:
    Consistent with the philosophy of the high school, special education is focused on the development of skills and strategies to enable challenged students to function as independent, life-long learners; to provide humanizing support to enable students to live in harmony with themselves and to function as respectful, responsive, and honest members of the local, national and global communities.

    The Special Education Faculty List:

    The Learning Center Teaching Assistants

    • Ms. Laura Blackburn
    • Mr. Andrew Cennamo
    • Ms. Linda Letica
    • Mrs. Janet Mullen 
    • Mrs. Kathleen Murray 
    • Mr. Louis Santoli
    • Mrs. Cindy Scudieri
    • Mrs. Janet Tschirhart
    • Mrs. Robin Weinberg

    Speech and Language

    • Mrs. Wendy File
    • Mrs. Faith Katzman

    Special Education Teacher Aides

    • Ms. Dana Allessi
    • Mrs. Arden Benvenutti
    • Ms. Olivia D'Allesio
    • Ms. Toni DeMaio
    • Mr. Nick Fengler
    • Ms. Kerrin Harvan
    • Mrs. Joanne LaTourette-Evangelist
    • Ms. Melanie Raso

    Pupil Personnel Service Providers

    • Dr. Beth Chase - Psychologist
    • Dr. Kerrie Vujeva - Psychologist
    • Dr. Suzanne Main-Wegielnik - Psychologist 
    • Mrs. Christine Copley ESL -Teacher
    • Dr. Robin Acconi - Social Worker

    Special Education Parent Teacher Association

    • Ms. Tara Belfi - Co-Vice President
    • Ms. Nicole Prizzi - Co-Vice President