Summer Assignments

  • French 1A:

    Bonjour mes amis!  Practicing your French and keeping your skills sharp - c'est très important!  Please complete this packet before the first day of school.  This packet will count as 5 homework assignments.  Aussi, will have a test on the material in September. Email me at with any questions.  Bon été!!!  Madame Tassani 

    French 3 Honors going in to French 4 Honors

    For Ms. Gozelski's students going from French 3 Honors to French 4 Honors, do the French 3H Summer Homework and See the French 3H Rubric as well.

    French 5 AP:

    I am sending podcasts three times this summer to summarize.  If you are new to the class, please email me at so that I can add you to my AP student list.  Merci beaucoup!