• The Central Parent Council's purpose is “to coordinate and facilitate communication between the District school parent organizations and administration, staff, Board of Education and the community.”  We are able to accomplish this through monthly meetings “at which information is shared, selected topics are considered in-depth, and problems are identified for possible Board of Education and Administrative consideration.”  This group brings together all of the parent organizations and fosters interaction between them.

    Wendi DeSchutter (Chairperson)
    Phone: 862-812-1725
    Email: wendi.d@mac.com
    Cristina Monterroso (Vice-Chairperson)
    Phone: 917-547-2776
    Email: caz100@aol.com
    Edina Bobelian (Secretary)
    Phone: 917-656-8225
    Email: ebobelian@gmail.com
    Valarie McLain (Treasurer)
    Phone: 631-495-5981
    Email: vmclain1234@gmail.com



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