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    Grade 1 Curriculum Guide

    Welcome to First Grade

    First Grade is a time when all of us want to create a happy transition for the children as they leave the world of kindergarten. Teachers strive to establish caring and thoughtful communities that build on the learning experiences of kindergarten.

    Our work is to support the growing ability of each child in all areas of the school curriculum. Over time, we expect first graders to see themselves as young mathematicians, scientists, historians, and literate people. First grade is a time when children begin to have favorite books and authors as well as an understanding that people read and write for information and pleasure. Children are encouraged to ask questions, engage in meaningful problem solving, and talk about books and stories, mathematics, science, and social studies.

    Our first grade program offers children many ways to learn and challenges each child to his/her highest potential.

    The following information is intended to help parents establish and maintain the best possible communication with your child’s teacher and with our school.

    Communication with your Child's Teacher

    Parents are urged to contact their child’s teacher at any time during the school year to discuss a concern or a problem brought to their attention. Conferences may be arranged at any time by calling or sending a note to your child’s teacher.

    It is usually impossible for teachers to use the telephone to receive a call during the school day. Parents who have a concern of an immediate nature should leave their telephone number with the office secretary and the teacher will return the call as soon as possible.

    Any forgotten item, such as lunch or snack, can be brought to the school office. We will make sure your child receives the item as soon as possible.

    • Please keep messages involving changes in your child’s plans for the day to a minimum. In particular, when a parent calls and changes the child’s transportation, it causes confusion and upsets the child. Often, the classroom teacher must be notified in person and classroom instruction is interrupted to ensure the message is delivered.

    Parent-Teacher Conferences
    Two parent-teacher conferences are scheduled during the school year, one in the fall and one in the spring. The conference dates are listed on the school district calendar that all residents receive in the mail at the start of each school year. These conferences provide parents with an opportunity to review their child’s progress in all areas of instruction as well as his/her growth in many other areas of school life.

    Appointment letters and specific dates and information regarding parent-teacher conferences will be sent home in advance from your child’s classroom teacher and the principal.

    Please do not bring any children with you when you attend the conference with your child’s teacher.

    Teachers' Newsletters
    Each week, kindergarten and first grade teachers send home newsletters to parents. The
    purpose is to keep parents informed of the week’s curriculum topics so that parents can support their child’s learning at home.