• 2018 -2019 Cold Spring Harbor BOE Goals

    Instructional Goals

    To build teacher capacity and deepen understanding of our current K-12 curricula and the Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and the Social Studies C-3 Framework.

    To further develop the K-12 Literacy continuum, incorporating an articulated skills progression, clear student learning targets, and common academic vocabulary across all disciplines.  

    To expand K-12 research experiences providing students with greater opportunities to engage in authentic inquiry, design, and presentation.

    To continue to expand and enhance the middle-level experience for students through best practices in teaming and cross-disciplinary connections, with an emphasis on the unique needs of the adolescent learner.  

    Technology Goal

    To evaluate and enhance the integration of technology to support student-centered learning in collaborative learning environments and redesigned instructional spaces.

    Health, Wellness, and Safety Goal

    To evaluate and enhance our approach to social-emotional well-being  by teaching self-awareness, good decision-making, and strengthening and cultivating healthy relationships between and among our students and the wider school community


    To develop a plan to address the district’s infrastructure and programmatic facility needs during the next decade for a possible bond referendum in the fall of 2019.


    To develop a budget which balances the programmatic needs of the district with the constraints of the tax cap and rising costs while also ensuring stability and long-term financial health.