Mrs. Agnello


    Welcome to the 6A/Social Studies Website.  My name is Jeanne Agnello. I teach Fifth and Sixth Grade Social Studies.  This website is meant to help keep the communication between home and school easy.  Homework is updated most every day, but 6th graders are expected to write it down during the day. 

    Your child's planner will be the way you can keep track of your child's progress.  I check it every day, and stamp it - A Mona Lisa stamp means all HW is complete;  Missing Work denotes missing work;  Test Returned means that you can ask your child to show you a test grade; Cooperation Needed means that there has been a behavior issue. 

    IMPORTANT!!!  Please sign the bottom of the assignment pad every weekend, so I know that you know what is going on.  Thank you!

    Extra help will be given as needed.  I am available every day during lunch and recess, and can make arrangements ahead of time for before or after school.

    Feel free to contact me, as I welcome input and discussion!