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    Welcome 5th and 6th grade parents and students to my Team 5/6 website for West Side School!

    I am looking forward to working with you on Team 5/6, along with Mr. Arloff, Mrs. Baratta, and Mrs. Gerver.

    This website will serve as a school to home communication for many of your 5/6th grade needs.  Should you wish to contact me, please feel free to email at or phone (516-692-7900).

    The following is a breakdown of the curriculum areas and the teacher who is responsible for instruction:

    • 6th Grade Math - Mrs. Gerver
    • 6th Grade Science - Mrs. DeRosa
    • 6th Grade Writing - Mr. Arloff
    • 6th Grade Reading - Mr. Arloff
    • 5th Grade Math - Mrs. DeRosa
    • 5th Grade Science - Mrs. Gerver
    • 5th Grade Writing - Mrs. Baratta
    • 5Th Grade Reading - Mrs. Baratta 
    • Social Studies - Homeroom teachers
    • Technology - integrated throughout all subject areas 

    I offer extra help provided students come with specific questions they have regarding the material. Extra help is given on an as needed basis. Students can set up an individual schedule with me.

    I look forward to an exciting year.  Our Team 5/6 goal is to provide an environment that allows for positive social and emotional experiences as well as academic success.  GRIT and a GROWTH MINDSET are encouraged here!!!


    Mrs. DeRosa