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AATSP Poster Awards

AATSP Poster Awards: In celebration of World Language month, fourth grade FLES students created beautiful posters! Each year, the AATSP (American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese) selects a theme which the students have to depict in their posters. This year's theme was celebrating diversity; Celebrando la diversidad: El español y el portugués! Congratulations to West Side winners:1st place-Cameryn Wyttenbach, 2nd place-Bohdi Hall, 3rd place-Ryan McNulty, and Honorable Mentions to Josie Gerber and Lily England. Congratulations to Lloyd Harbor winners: 1st place-Ruby Alexander, 2nd place-Liam Henning, 3rd place-Dominic Teklits, and Honorable Mentions to Julia Winkler and Lola Lucia. FLES teacher, Sandra Rivadeneyra, mentioned stay tuned to find out if anyone makes it to the top 3 in the nation chosen in May!