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2nd Grade Learning Expo

What an amazing celebration of learning by our second graders at Lloyd Harbor. Students became the teachers as they shared “what they are experts at” with family members and friends who were invited in to celebrate. The cafeteria tables were filled with visitors who rotated among the students. All were quite surprised to listen to the in depth knowledge showcased in each student’s “All About Books” project about their favorite topic. Students researched and read many books prior to penning their own to share. They had to display a cover, table of contents, introduction, conclusion and glossary. A popular topic was definitely “winter” while others shared their knowledge about topics such as sports, animals, art, gardening, sewing and fishing. One student had a surprising expert topic about “airports!” He knew all about terminals, rental cars, ticketing and pilots – I think we have a future pilot among us! Thank you to Ms. Rivera and Ms. Terry whose students can be seen here proudly sharing their expertise.