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Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation sponsors the High School Robotics Club

The Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation is proud to announce they will be sponsoring the High School Robotics Club for the 2018-2019 school year. The Foundation’s $20,800 donation will be used to purchase new equipment that will be necessary for the success of the club. A new laser cutter will help to increase accuracy and a CNC router will allow the team to draw their designs on the computer-aided design (CAD) software. This will allow the Robotics Team to reproduce the parts they are cutting which will significantly improve the robots they build. All of this new technology would not have been possible without the dedication of a group of students, led by treasurer Taylor, Kiefer, who put a proposal together for The Foundation. The Robotics Club advisor, Pam Vegna will take the team to compete this year. The team will be competing in the FIRST Robotics Long Island Regional Competition. Usually, they make it to semi-finals or finals. In years past, the teams have almost reached nationals after getting far in regionals. While the school district supports the program each year through funding for competition entry fees, materials, travel costs, and an advisor, the addition of more sophisticated machinery to build their robots will be an enhancement that will make our team even more competitive moving forward. With the combined support of the school district and the Educational Foundation’s new sponsorship of the Robotics Team, they intend to take home a win!