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NEW Promethean Boards

It’s a Promethean Learning World! Some SmartBoards have been replaced with touch screen interactive “Promethean” Boards this year. Last year a pilot program began to test various boards, and slowly the classrooms are being introduced to these interactive touchscreen boards that no longer cast shadows or use a projector, and they have 180-degree visibility no matter where students sit. It can detect the difference between pen, touch and palm erase, allowing teachers and students more effectiveness and ease with lessons using advanced software that provides exceptional learning experiences! All four buildings in the District now have these interactive boards. Dr. Colascione uses the board daily in his lessons, sharing, “I love the ease of walking around the classroom using my Chromebook to write out answers or ideas, which then ‘cast’ these drawn images onto the Promethean Board. This real-time engagement with the students allows a teacher to no longer be in the front of the classroom.” Teachers have shared, we are now “de-fronting” the classroom, especially with the flexible furniture on wheels, students form groups and circles anywhere in the room. Students no longer need to go to the Board to write, and they too can “cast” or write from their own device which then appears on the screen. Thanks to the Board of Education, the CSH Education Foundation and administration, CSH school District is providing its students and staff the equipment and classroom settings that are cutting edge in education today!Interactive Board Interactive board