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GH Superintendent’s Day in Residency

GH Superintendent’s Day in Residency

GH Superintendent's Day in Residency

Goosehill first graders learned about different types of measurement in Ms. Cooper's class, where they explored the concepts of height, length and weight. What is the best way to measure a rope vs. a skyscraper? Ms. Cooper showed a few "magic tricks" to the students, demonstrating that objects are not always as tall as they appear!

Ms. Katz's students are reading "How To Books" and learning how an author gets readers excited. They studied ...the introduction and the conclusion of different books, and voted (thumbs up or thumbs down) on their favorite endings. The winning ending was "It's salsa time!" and they all seemed ready for the party! Students paired up and talked in groups, each offering their own "exciting endings" to the book the would write themselves, "How to Take Care of a Turtle."

Ms. Ranaldo's bulletin board is an artistic display of the learning goals set by her students as they "Ring in the New Year!"

Learning at GH Ring in the New Year with new things to learn!