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New GHP student-inspired mural

A Letter from the Principal, Mrs. Lynn Herschlein:

We had a very special week at Goosehill! Artist Bren Bataclan engaged the children in drawing workshops and they were able to watch him all week as he sketched and painted a beautiful mural in our cafeteria based upon their ideas and drawings. Children stopped in to see him during the day to ask him questions, give him suggestions for the mural, tell him about their favorite animals (he is a cat lover) and chat about their own aspirations as artists. Many went home and practiced drawing the characters he taught them to draw. Our first graders marveled at seeing their own sketches come to life on the stage doors that served as a big, vibrant canvas for our mural.

Aside from the mural experience, Bren also brought out the best in our school community. He has a gentle, caring way about him and the children could tell how interested he was in their ideas and how much he loves art. He made people smile---and it was contagious! Of course, it makes sense that Bren had us all smiling this week! Bren’s mission in life is to pay kindness forward---to pass smiles along and make people’s days brighter. His Smile Boston Project resulted in his leaving works of art for people to find in every state and all over the world----with the only “cost” being that the person who finds and keeps his artwork promises to “smile at random people more often.” What a wonderful message for our students.

It is so important for children to meet and know people who are passionate about their work. It is our wish for every child to find his/her passion in life----what really excites them, makes them want to work hard, and helps them to feel the joy that comes with doing something they love. We also want them to know people who believe in the kindness of human beings and be a part of something that spreads happiness to others. Bren was our superhero this week. We are so grateful to the GPFA for bringing him here to spend a week at Goosehill.

If you are interested in learning more about Bren, here is a link to a moving TedTalk he gave in 2017. (It is for parents.)

You can also visit Bren’s website with your child to view some of his work. I am sure you will enjoy hearing your child tell you all about him. Thank you again to the GPFA for bringing Bren to Goosehill! Our students benefit from your generosity and support in countless ways.

Warm regards,
Lynn Herschlein

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