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District Wide STEAM Night - Beyond Successful!

What a night! The first annual district-wide STEAM Night was beyond successful - held on February 7 at the Jr./Sr. High School to the delight of students (and parents!) who came out to support this amazing endeavor that hosted nearly 1000 participants in our community. The STEAM Night was a K-12 initiative that provided an opportunity for teachers and high school students to teach younger students about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. Individual stations were set up throughout the building for event inquiry and design concepts taught by students to younger peers expanding their knowledge and skills in the area of STEAM. Some of the concepts taught were electric circuitry, Robotics and operational use of the Cyberhawks robot, construction of geometric shapes, force and angles to project objects, mechanical gears and operations, and creativity in art. Students participated actively in the fair, getting their hands dirty (literally!) at the slime, spin art and ice cream making stations. Imaginations were tested building marshmallow & pasta igloo creations, engineering their own magnetic marble runs, and experimenting with ozobots and illuminated solar systems and so much more! The benefit of curiosity is it leads to problem solving, teamwork, and creativity in managing “how to” tasks at hand. The district was able to secure a grant through the CSH Educational Foundation and spearhead the STEAM Night with a task force of a 19-member district technology committee. Many of the supplies purchased through the grant can be reused for future STEAM events as well as in-school technology learning. The night was a true success, filled with a dynamic and diverse range of projects. Thank you to the STEAM committee for organizing this incredible evening event for our community, and to the staff and high school students for your preparation to tap into and develop inquiry, creativity, perseverance and problem-solving skills shared with our K-8 students. Hosting a night of this magnitude took immense coordination and planning to orchestrate such a seamless evening. The concentration and determination on the faces of our youngest students, along with smiles of joy at their accomplishments were priceless. It’s safe to say – this event is here to stay, see you next year!