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Random Acts of Kindness

Seven years ago, a movement began, when one Post-it Note started an inspirational message revolution! It started on the mirror of a young girl who was bullied and was crumbling under the pressure of a stressful schedule. She wrote a post-it note to herself that said “You are beautiful” and stuck it on her mirror. She blogged about the positive impact that note did for her on a daily basis, and she asked others to participate. They did, by the thousands…and Operation Beautiful was born. Soon high school lockers were plastered with Post-it messages, as well as many other public places for strangers to find. At CSH Jr./Sr. High, the Junior class, spearheaded by Student Council, wanted to do a bonding activity to bring everyone together. Hence the Post-it project crept into the hallways in secret, and was strewn upon every locker for students to discover as they arrived the next morning for school. Not only did it look amazing to see lockers covered in Post-its, but the reactions were priceless! Thank you to the Junior Class for bringing a smile to everyone’s face that morning. What a delightful surprise!