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Grit – It’s Not Easy

Grit – It’s not easy
“If you try your hardest and still don’t get what you want just believe in yourself and look for the star that you can find.” These poetic words came from a Lloyd Harbor School third grader in Ms. Terry’s class! All students read books based on a growth mindset theme and participated in a challenging math activity that built upon their multiplication skills. They encountered many struggles and obstacles along the way and discussed how they overcame their struggles with the task, and how the books inspired them. Each student was asked to write an original inspirational quote drawing from their knowledge of Lloyd Harbor School’s weekly announcements of Words of Wisdom. Now it was their turn to create their own Words of Wisdom. Other examples were, “Sometimes if you really want something you need to be patient” and “When you are frustrated, take a break.” The culminating activity involved sharing the mini-posters they created using Google Slides. Very inspiring!