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Goosehill Thanksgiving Food Drive

Goosehill Thanksgiving Food Drive: Thank you to the GPFA for organizing the Food Drive and all of the parents for helping to fill the boxes with everything a family will need for Thanksgiving dinner. The boxes will be delivered this weekend to the Helping Hands Mission in Huntington Station. Principal, Mrs. Herschlein, shared, “This activity was an important one for our students, as it prompted discussions about gratitude and generosity. Through such discussions, children become more sensitive to the needs of others and begin to develop empathy. It helps them to recognize that their parents and other people do many things for them–provide a comfortable home, prepare dinner, buy toys, help them learn---for which they can be grateful. They can begin to learn that not everyone may be as fortunate as they are and that sharing and helping others feels good inside.” Last year Helping Hands Rescue Mission provided food and turkeys to over 400 families.