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WS Jump Rope for the Heart

WS Jump Rope for the Heart

Jump Rope for the Heart Fund Raiser

Jump Rope for the Heart Fundraiser is always a fun challenge at West Side. During a two-week unit on heart health, students learned different ways to jump rope, benefits of jump roping and ways to be heart healthy. All donations went to the American Heart Association, which aids in the fight against heart disease and strokes. In the United States, approximately one in four deaths are from heart disease.

At a school assembly on February 15th, the best student jump ropers competed for the championship title, which was awarded to Christopher Coco with a jump time of 6:28 minutes! Also, congratulations to Katherine Goldstein who was runner-up.

Thank you to Physical Education teacher, Mr. Steven Forbes, for such an exciting morning assembly.

Jump Rope for the Heart Winner, Christopher Coco