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Donations: Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation for Goosehill STEAM Lab.

Donations: Cold Spring Harbor Educational Foundation 
for Goosehill STEAM Lab.

The Board of Education accepted the very generous donation from the Foundation in the amount of $29,999 for an indoor/outdoor STEAM Lab at Goosehill Primary School. Board President, Ingrid Wright, shared, “This donation will be used to purchase equipment that will provide our students with hands-on experiences as they learn about weather patterns, forces of physics, and challenge them to be creative thinkers as it relates to science, technology, engineering, and math. I thank the Foundation for their continued support and look forward to seeing the impact that this grant will have on our students in the coming months. Thank you to Mrs. Belfi and Mrs. Koenigsberger, as well Ms. Herschlein and her staff, as well as our Board of Education liaison Mr. McAteer, and our Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. Simon.”