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WS 5th Grade STEAM Fair

WS 5th Grade STEAM Fair

WS 5th Grade Steam Fair

The excitement was so contagious at the West Side STEAM Fair. Younger students kept peeking into the gym asking if and when their class would get to visit.

Dr. Bellino shared, “The authentic student-designed projects offered students the opportunity to engage in designing their own investigations, asking questions, exploring possible solutions, experimenting, and discovering. The integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Makerspace transforms how learning happens. This pursuit of innovation and creativity brought their ideas to life for the STEAM Fair that truly was a celebration of teaching and learning. Congratulations to all our fifth-grade entrepreneurs!”

A special thank you to Mrs. Gerver, Mrs. Fraiberg, Mr. Powers, Ms. Balzano and Mr. Burke for making it all possible.

WS 5th Grade Steam Fair Robotics at WS Steam Fair WS Steam Fair