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WS Do Si Do

WS Do Si Do

6th Grade Square Dance

West Side sixth graders showed off their skills as they trained and honed their steps becoming expert square dancers with just a few practice sessions. Promenade and Half Sashays had the kids swinging their partners round and round. Their competition at George Weir Barn was amazing, showcasing colorful costumes, smiles, and wonderful team work! Professional square dance callers, Sue and Lou, once again called out the dance steps and judged each team (as they have been doing for nearly 20 years at West Side!). There was a great sense of spirit and energy as each group danced to the finish. Congratulations to the pink team who won!

Thank you to the sixth-grade teachers who faithfully practiced alongside their students; Ms. DeRosa, Ms. Gerver, and Ms. Skirbe. What a fantastic day!

WS Square Dance Orange Team WS Square Dance Green Team WS Square Dance Pink Team

WS Square Dance Competition