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GH Turtle Release Day at Fish Hatchery

GH Turtle Release Day at Fish Hatchery

GH Students Wave Goodbye to Turtles

The School District continues its long standing relationship with our neighbors at the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium, including field trips to visit the turtles and warm water fish and amphibian life.

As part of Goosehill’s science curriculum, each first-grade class is delivered their very own turtle in the fall provided by the Fish Hatchery each year. Fish Hatchery Educator, Krissy Forman, teaches the students how to care properly for these turtles which are then released during a spring field trip into the ponds. On May 31st, Ms. Forman greeted the students and their turtles again, as they waved goodbye to these small friends, where they watched them swim away back into their natural habitat and new home.

GH Turtle Release Day GH Students Watch as Turtle is Released at CSH Fish Hatchery GH Students Watch Released Turtles