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Class 4L American Revolution Project

Class 4L American Revolution Project

4L eBook Covers Bulletin Board

As part of the American Revolution reading, writing, and social studies units, and a collaborative effort between Ms. Levesque and Library Media Specialist, Mrs. Fraiberg, students in Class 4L worked in pairs to research people of the American Revolution, and they made interactive eBooks based on their research.  The unit began with a highly motivating problem-solving activity.  The children were challenged to use a limited amount of supplies to keep their tea bags afloat during the "Boston Tea Party." 

After the research and the eBooks were completed, the students made Who am I? quiz games using Google Slides.  For the MakerSpace component, they used any available materials to create either a 2D or 3D replica of their person and attached it to the Who am I? games.  Then they created QR Codes that linked to their eBooks.  Students scanned the QR Codes to read the books, and they took notes to prepare for the Who Am I? quizzes.  Of course they were allowed to use their notes while playing the Who am I? games because they know that looking back in the text is an important reading strategy!

4L Who am I? Games
The QR Codes, the Who am I quiz games, and the 2D/3D people were displayed in the hallway for other students to enjoy. Class 4L invited their parents to the Writing Celebration.  The parents enjoyed reading the books and playing the Who am I? games. The students took such pride in their work, and they loved teaching the parents how to scan the QR Codes to check their answers! 

4L Reading the eBooks Scanning QR Code to Check Answer  4L Parents Playing the Who am I? games