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Advanced Science Research I

On September 19th, the Advanced Science Research I students, under the direction of NYS Master Teacher Sheila Mauriello and 8 lab scientists, went to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory to collect invertebrate organisms and perform water testing in the sandpit and coastline of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory property. Each of the organisms will be DNA barcoded and the information collected will be used to determine questions such as: 1) Which species are abundant now compared to those recorded by the 1900 Davenport Study 2) Which species are invasive? 3) Are formerly abundant species now missing? 4) Have any of the species collected not yet been DNA barcoded? The project, a joint collaboration between Cold Spring Harbor High School and the DNA Learning Center, provides our research students with a hands-on experience pairing molecular biology with an ecological/environmental study. Thank you to Director of STEM, Ms. Kimberly Libertini for helping to organize these wonderful programs.