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Passion Wall Lloyd Harbor staff proudly shares

Passion Wall
Lloyd Harbor staff proudly shares

The next time you visit Lloyd Harbor, be sure to take a walk and visit the “Passion Wall,” located in the hallway by the Creative Learning Lab. The beautiful exhibit of black and white photography feels like an art gallery wall, showcasing staff members embracing their passion.
Ms. Massimo, who has been principal of LHS for the past 12 years, formed a research team to learn from leaders in business, industry and higher education. This included a trip to the company Birchbox in 2018, a NYC organization built around making customers and employees happy at what they do, and proud to share their love of life with others. The team of LHS educators also toured of The New School to see and hear from a college that values creativity and respects individuality. Their visit to Hulu is what actually inspired the development of a “Passion Wall” at Lloyd Harbor School. This area is just one initiative that illustrates the value Ms. Massimo places on student and teacher interests to drive inquiry, design, and projects within teaching and learning. How inspiring to have a team experience various professional and collegiate environments that encourage working collaboratively on projects, pooling knowledge and creativity, all occurring in a welcoming space. Thank you to all the staff for sharing your passions! The wall continues to expand every year, and marks a historical record of beloved teachers who have since retired. You’ll walk away wondering…What is your passion?