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Science Honors

Science Honors: Three, third year Advanced Science Research students (Sophia Ketterer, Matthew LaCapra and Susannah Oster) were selected to participate in the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Science Journal Club (SJC). The students will learn how to extract and present the scientific knowledge to be found in peer-reviewed scientific publications; how to navigate the mass of digital scientific publications; and how to search for and retrieve articles on topics of interest to them personally. The students will learn how to present scientific articles through demonstration by scientists, student group presentations on assigned papers, and student individual presentations on papers selected by the students themselves on STEM topics of their choosing. Through the interactions between the students and the Science Journal Club instructors—including a librarian, science informationists, and CSHL faculty—the students will also learn how to question the findings of scientific publications, how to address those questions in a presentation setting, and how to initiate discussion among their peers about the merits of individual papers.