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ARTIST IN RESIDENCE – Bren Bataclan finishes his mural at
Lloyd Harbor School...
Ms. Massimo shared, “The students and staff were extremely honored to have artist Bren Bataclan spend the week with us! On Monday, we began with opening assemblies for all grades, during which Bren talked about how he got started with what he calls The Smile Project. His school programs emphasize the power of kindness through art. The focus of Bren’s visit to LHS was to take the blank cinderblock walls near our Creative Learning Lab and create a mural reflective of the learning we do in this newly transformed space. Prior to his arrival, with the help of art teacher Ms. McLam, we asked sixth graders to come up with a list of words that could be drawn describing creativity, passion and innovation. On Bren’s first day with us, he guided sixth grade students through a workshop in which they were assigned one of the words they came up with and transformed it into an image that was aligned with his style of art. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we watched our walls come alive as Bren painted the students’ artwork. Teachers and students were in awe of what they were seeing. Sixth graders’ faces lit up as they recognized each and every one of their sketches enlarged and illustrated with vibrant colors! The finished product: a mural of almost 70 images (a first for Bren) that was officially “unveiled” Friday morning. The focal point, which can be seen from as far down as the cafe hall, is a large smiley face thinking about our original three words: creativity, passion and innovation. As you approach the area, you will see glimpses of engineering and mathematical tools, art materials, musical instruments, notations and a myriad of other designs - all generated initially by the students. The finished product is child-centered, inspirational and stunning! Next time you are at LHS, please make time to see it; it is located (appropriately) next to our Teacher Passion Wall! We are tremendously grateful to the PTG for their generosity in providing us with this opportunity and the time and effort Mrs. Janine Mullen has dedicated to bringing it to fruition. Thank you, Mr. Bataclan for teaching us that your artwork does truly make people smile and may we all take away something special from your presentation and creation at LHS.