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Lloyd Harbor School classrooms were alive with lessons and imagination

Lloyd Harbor School classrooms were alive with lessons and imagination on Superintendent’s Day in Residency on December 6th. Principal Massimo and Superintendent, Robert C. Fenter, participated and observed FLES flip grids & puppets, an LHTV live broadcast, coding with KidOYO, music, SEL science, health and literacy lessons. School Social Worker, Ms. Elle Solch-Fuller, asked Ms. Terry’s students “what is it like to work as a team?” Groups of four had to stack a tower of cups working together using only string and rubber bands. Ms. Romanelli led a reading workshop on understanding fluency, and treated Mr. Fenter to a literary song and dance! Ms. Craco’s students worked on a math lesson regrouping numbers, and Ms. Diehl was proud to share the kids knowledge of coding. Ms. Matthews class was intent on finding complex vocabulary words and figuring out their meaning during a unit on extreme weather patterns. Some vocabulary to be demystified were meteorologist, stretchers, doppler, and chloroflurocarbons. Fourth graders were learning to play the clarinet, and 5th graders explored Science Friday fun with Ms. Wetzel and Ms. O’Donnell. Our youngest in Ms. Rivera’s class were building with clay for a Science 21 lesson, and each class was eager to show Mr. Fenter their lesson or discuss results. Thank you to everyone for sharing your knowledge and creativity!