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Superintendent’s Day in Residency West Side

Superintendent’s Day in Residency
West Side…

West Side enjoyed a visit from the Superintendent on his Day in Residency on December 3rd. After his greeting at morning assembly, Mr. Fenter visited an array of classrooms and lessons where the children were very excited to say hello and share their research and knowledge. Ms. Ryan and Ms. Santoro’s second graders couldn’t raise their hands fast enough to share everything about Pandas! With the help of Ms. Fraiberg, students learned that two books are better than one for fact-finding. Reading partnerships helped them learn how pandas survive, what they eat, and what type of habitat they thrive in. In Ms. Dudek’s class, the study of Colonial times had kids engrossed in researching what type of trades people did to earn a living. They learned what a Milliner shop was, and skills such as a silversmith, ship builder, cabinet maker, innkeeper, printer and papermaker, and so much more! Ms. Thompson challenged her third graders to think about math, calculating feet vs. meters tackling problem-solving practices. Ms. Dopico’s display of postcards received from around the United States, showed a collaboration thus far of 40 schools who sent postcards about where they live and what about their area is most well-known? Ms. Alison Hazut, who in her first year as principal, was proud to be a guide and continues to learn so much about West Side’s proud history.