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New Turtles, New Amphitheater - GHP

New Turtles, New Amphitheater
It’s always an exciting day when the turtles arrive at Goosehill. First graders can hardly sit still waiting for their very own classroom turtle to be revealed. Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery Educator, Ms. Krissy Forman, teaches the students and teachers how to care for the turtles, their tanks, filters, and equipment to keep them happy, warm, and fed properly. Come May, these red-bellied turtles will be released in the turtle pond at the Fish Hatchery during a field trip to watch and wave goodbye. This year, the program was held outdoors under the newly erected amphitheater located behind the playground at Goosehill. The structure was completed spring of 2020 and was a generous donation from the PTG. It will be used for programs, student performances and outdoor lessons.