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National World Language Honor Society Induction

On November 12th, the Cold Spring Harbor World Language Honor Society held its first virtual induction ceremony to recognize the 2020-2021 World Language Honor Society Inductees for French and Spanish studies. Highlights of the virtual ceremony included an inspiring keynote speech from 2019 graduate, Sterling Rosado, along with several incredible student performances. Sterling, currently on a gap year from Harvard University, drove home the importance of the three C’s of language learning: connection, consistency, and continuity. “Continue finding a way to keep your language skills alive whether it’s through school or real-life experiences,” advised Sterling to the inductees. Thank you to the student performers Jacob Luden, Olivia Ketterer, Katherine McGee and Sarah Lynch for sharing their incredible talents at the ceremony while incorporating their language skills as well. Each inductee will receive a graduation cord in the colors of their respective languages that they will wear on their graduation day. Congratulations to all 25 French language student inductees (advisor, Jeannine Reed), and all 40 Spanish language student inductees (advisor, Kathleen Fristensky). Department Chair, Tara Tassani, shared, “We are so proud of you!”