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Pajama Day

Principal Herschlein has always encouraged her students to write letters and express their thoughts; wishes do actually come true! On Nov. 24th the power of the written word appeared on Ms. Herschlein’s desk. First graders Alden Caramore, Dominic Frendo, and Tyler Insalaco (all from Ms. DeRops’s class)….presented her with a persuasive letter requesting a Pajama Day next week. Ms. Herschlein shared, “Of course, we quickly proclaimed that Tuesday will be Goosehill’s first Pajama Day of the 2020-21 school year!” The kids loved cuddling up in their favorite snuggly onesies, some with hoods, some with bathrobes, all cozy and adorable. Thank you, Alden, Tyler, and Dominic – what a fun day!