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Natural Helpers Social - Nice to Meet You!

On November 19, the Jr. Helpers, and a few Natural Helpers, spearheaded a "New Entrant Social" designed to engage our new Jr./Sr. High students and their grade-level buddies in community building activities. The afternoon began with individually packaged ice cream sundaes as students sat appropriately separated with shields and progressed into fun icebreakers that offered students the opportunity to get to know each other better. Chris Homer and Jennifer Pickering, advisors of the Jr. Helpers, worked alongside the students to create the icebreaker activities and both agreed that the afternoon was a wonderful success. Students smiled, albeit under their masks, and laughed throughout the one-hour event. Students shared their hobbies, stories about their pets, their favorite television shows, and more. When asked to identify the best parts about returning to school after the spring quarantine, many spoke of seeing their friends as a highlight and, on remote days, getting to sleep a little later. Many students shared that the most difficult part of returning to school with the COVID-19 restrictions in place included carrying their desk shields from class to class. Ms. Waters, who worked with Mr. Homer and Ms. Pickering to arrange this event, shared that“It was terrific to see students together – safely – exchanging phone numbers and simply having fun and welcoming our new entrants with such enthusiasm.” Over 35 students participated in the afternoon and Ms. Waters and the Jr. and Natural Helpers are anticipating another mid-year event.