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Science Honors

Science Honors
Two teams from the high school’s “Advance Science Research I” (ASR) class were awarded Honorable Mention for their ExploraVision projects. ASR teacher, Mr. Jaak Raudsepp, shared, "ExploraVision participants were challenged to consider the future and imagine a technology that might exist 20 years from now. Using real scientific research, students outlined methods to plan and test their ideas. Out of over 3,000 projects entered this year, 283 received honorable mention.” Outstanding work, congratulations!
The two projects that received Honorable Mention were:
1. Enzyme Nasal Spray in the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease – Elsie Posillico, Grace Stark and Amber Zhou.
2. Neo-Babylon: City of the Future – Ben Amoruso, Ryan Koenigsberger and James McGloin