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RISE UP Junior High Ceremony

Junior High Ceremony

The Junior High Teams held RISE UP awards this winter to recognize and celebrate student role models for exceptional moral character. The “RISE UP” acronym symbolizes many core values to be recognized: Respect, Integrity, Service, Empathy, and being an UPstander. The goal is to help promote a positive school environment essential to the healthy development of young adults, and to recognize role models. These 7th and 8th grade students exemplified these characteristics. The ceremony was conducted in person and remotely for students and broadcast via Zoom for families. Congratulations to all the students for doing the right thing when no one is watching! In addition to the RISE UP ceremony, our Junior High Student Government hosted a t-shirt design and sale contest to benefit a local family in need. Ms. Nicole Kearnes, the JH Student Government advisor, and Ms. Joey Waters, Assistant Principal, worked alongside Ms. Stephanie DiNozzi, CSH parent and Townwide Fund Board Member, and Alice Marie Rorke, Executive Director from the Townwide Fund of Huntington, to assure the funds raised were appropriately allocated.

Student recipients:

7th Grade; Emma Antoniello, Amy Attalienti, Emma Bechand, Christopher DeSimone, Luke Dircks, Abigail Einhorn, Alexander Fokas, Elise Hinphy, Salvatore LaCapra, Louisa Melendez, Sofia Passavia, Woodford Pollach, Kate Rogers, Dylan Savarese, Sasha Slaven, Joshua Stimpfl, Brooke Winthrop, Elizabeth Zhan, and Catherine Ziegler.

8th Grade; Alex Bauer, Mack Baxter, Kelly Callaghan, Ava Coco, Kami Cotek, Megan Jasinski, Joe Kiely, Sienna Koke, Logan Lonoff, Jack Rivkin, Sylvie Schneider, Nicole Schrock, Andrew Shammah, Maya Soskin, and Roger Testa