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Celebrating Art at Lloyd Harbor

Celebrating Art at Lloyd Harbor
A walk down the hallway at Lloyd Harbor always brings joy when you pass all the fabulous artwork…

2nd graders collaborated with FLES learning about seasons in Spanish and showing how they change with the looks of trees, they also created “Symbols of America collages.”

3rd graders took a virtual field trip to the Heckscher Museum and explored the work of American artist, Wood Gaylor, creating inspirational renderings based on his witty festive parties with lots of movement in his designs.

5th graders studied the cause and effects of erosion in science then experimented with brush techniques used by Asian artist from centuries ago.

6th grade learned about Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass and used markers as watercolors to create their own stained glass effect art.
(Thank you to art teachers, Andria McLaughlin and Ann McLam)