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Moving Up Day Lloyd Harbor

Moving Up Day Lloyd Harbor

Moving Up Day Lloyd Harbor “We did it… we are here in person, all together, and what a journey it’s been to get here” Principal, Valerie Massimo exclaimed. “Many of my letters, reflections, and thank yous this year have focused on the teamwork that had to occur to make our recent accomplishments possible. I’ve highlighted the incredible support the LH families have given us, the myriad of new technologies we all had to learn, the dedication of the Lloyd Harbor faculty and staff, and … most importantly... the cooperation of the amazing young adults who join me on this field today!”


Ms. Massimo then shared a poignant story that all her students read this year, entitled Just One Word for Kids, by Jon Gordon. She asked them to reflect upon “one word” that could help them have their best year ever.  Every student needs to discover their own word, learning that they won’t find this word, “it will find you.” They were encouraged to look into their hearts, to look up and believe, and lastly to look out and live their one word. She asked, “So, to my sixth graders…one last assignment: FIND YOUR WORD. What word do YOU feel will help you be your best self? Don't decide now. Don’t ask others. Just think about it over the summer. Remember to LOOK IN, LOOK UP, LOOK OUT! You’ve made history with what you accomplished this year. I know you will go forward and do AMAZING things. Find Your Word--Be Your BEST Self…and remember: The Choice is Yours!”

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