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Moving Up Day West Side

Each and every West Side graduate had a turn to speak and reflect upon their journey at West Side, a long-standing tradition that speaks volumes about the history of West Side pride.
Superintendent, Robert Fenter, reminded them that today represents new beginnings made possible by the foundation set at West Side School, and how each student persevered in a very disruptive world during a pandemic that forced them out of their comfort zones, but challenged them to great heights. Principal, Alison Hazut, said that she saw a common theme emerge during this unprecedented year; and that was the word hopeful. “Students, you found your voice and your remarkable words warmed my heart. I am so proud and in awe of your HERO projects and Student Led Reflections that you shared with me. You brought hopefulness and joy that fueled all of the adults at West Side! You make this world a better place.” Each student had a chance to share their memories, struggles, favorite traditions, and gratefulness to parents, teachers, and their peers. It was amazing to hear students speak so eloquently. One shared, “Thank you to my peers for supporting me during a difficult year – ‘you had my back’ and kept me on track.” Many thanked teachers for being so friendly, kind, and funny! But, mostly for all they learned and helping them to succeed, be their best selves, and become who they are today. Students looked back at traditions like Field Day, Ellis Island and Tomato Sauce Day, the West Side Run, Philadelphia trip, Musicals, Community Service and even a science project that made dirt out of pudding and they got to eat it! And perhaps to sum it all up, one student shared, “This year may have been a rollercoaster, but it sure was fun!”