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“We had a terrific start to the school year, welcoming 241 students to Goosehill Primary School, including 24 new families! We have seven first-grade classrooms, our highest number in years. The children entered the building happily, hopping out of cars and buses with backpacks in tow. It’s a big step for a young child to enter kindergarten. Thanks to their parents, our kindergarten students were prepared and ready. First graders entered school confidently, proud that they will be leaders this year. There were a few tears (some shed by parents!), but once the children entered the school they were excited to begin the day. After separating from his parent a little tearfully, one student became engaged in a science toy in the hallway. In just a few minutes, he turned to me and said, “I think I am going to really like it here!”
I want to thank the teachers for all of their planning and organizing over the summer and for their enthusiasm for the professional learning that took place on Superintendent’s Conference Day. The faculty and staff work together to create a solid foundation for our students so that they can achieve at high levels. Thank you to the PTG for their hard work to prepare for the opening of school, the custodial and building & grounds staff for making our classrooms and hallways shiny and bright, and the Board of Education for their support of the wonderful renovations and enhancements to the school building. Our classrooms are vibrant spaces filled with flexible furniture and engaging materials for collaborative learning. It’s wonderful to be back!”