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Welcoming New Staff to the Mentor Program

A warm welcome to our newest staff! Each year an orientation is held to acclimate new staff to the district and introduce them to the culture of the community. In August, teachers new to the district had an opportunity to hear from veteran teaching staff, engage in hands-on practices designed to engrain a sense of teamwork and partnership, meet with leaders of curriculum and instruction, and hear from the administrative team along with Amelia Brogan, president of the Board of Education. The orientation is one part of a larger district initiative aimed at providing in-depth assistance and guidance to all new teachers throughout the tenure process. The New Teacher Mentoring Program was established in 2017 and has continued to provide support which includes a mentoring handbook, monthly meetings, and classroom visits. Creating a community of learners has led to the reciprocity of leadership roles in a supportive environment. Learning from fellow colleagues and administration not only enhances the curriculum, but provides continued support, the understanding of expectations, and long-term success for both students and teachers. The mentoring program includes approximately fifty new and seasoned staff, under the direction of Jill M. Gierasch, Superintendent; Genevieve LaGattuta, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction; and Trish Sihksnel and Chris Homer, New Teacher Mentor Coordinators.

Photo (from the left going up)
Chris Homer- Co-Coordinator of the mentor program
Amanda Segale - HS Orchestra
Jaclyn Seery- 4th grade LH
Kathleen Comerford - 1st grade
Kim Sloan - 1st grade
Jennifer Okean - HS Reading
Nicole Kossefis - Speech
Nicole Benincasa - Special Ed. LH
Gianna Andreacchi - 1st grade
Trish Sihksnel - Co-Coordinator Mentor Program
Not in photo-
Patty Connolly- HS Math and Special Ed.
Andrew Isaacson - World Languages