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Driving in the Safe Lane

On September 13, Principal Daniel Danbusky, held the annual Safe Driving Presentation, mandatory for all seniors. The mission for this evening each year, is that academics are secondary to student safety, and repeated lessons never get old when it comes to our children getting behind the wheel. The high school still maintains an open campus policy allowing seniors to drive off campus for lunch or free periods. Students know that driving is a privilege here, and our students have taken this privilege seriously, and have been responsible for it throughout the years. Distracted driving has become the number one killer for young drivers, surpassing drunk driving. This night serves as an impetus for dialogue with parents and children and is the start and continuation of many conversations to keep children safe and responsible on the road. Guest speakers included, Retired Police Officer John Groshans, Director of the Bellmore-Merrick Community Parent Center, Wendy Tepfer, and Director of Dedicatedd, Marge Lee. All three presenters left a powerful impact on both students and parents; most of whom could not help but shed a tear.
This evening is by far one of the most poignant and sobering for a family to experience together, for over an hour the entire audience was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. The impact is real and the message is clear for inexperienced young drivers. It is to keep our children safe and having conversations about distracted driving, speed and peer pressure, wearing seatbelts and limiting driving with other teens in the car. There are no “do-overs” for bad decisions behind the wheel. Thank you to our speakers for this very powerful and heartfelt presentation.