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8th Grade Moving Up Day

The Class of 2026 is officially “Moving Up” to the high school! Principal, Daniel Danbusky exclaimed, “I have the distinct privilege of watching this group of youngsters grow and mature from that group of eager and anxious young teens who entered the Jr High School on a hot summer day in August into a formidable class of self-confident adults, six years later as they seek out their own paths in life.” As the students commemorated this milestone event, Mr. Danbusky acknowledged that the diploma and handshake are an official welcome to the High School. You will now be called Freshman, and that carries tremendous responsibility, many new opportunities and meaningful new experiences. He shared, “I want you to promise me one thing…that you will dream big! Promise me that you will have the courage and the confidence to take yourself seriously. No pressure, but at age 14, Anne Frank began writing her diary; Bobby Fischer became an international chess grand master; Mozart wrote his first opera; Nadia Comaneci shocked the Olympics with the first-ever perfect 10 in gymnastics, and Charles Schulz, the creator of Snoopy and Charlie Brown, published his first cartoon.” He encouraged everyone to envision greatness in yourself and seize every opportunity that you can to achieve it. Also, to be the person who does the right thing even when no one is looking. He asked that students reflect upon the Robert Frost poem, “That taking the road less traveled made all the difference for him.” Assistant Principal to the Junior High, Ms. Caitlyn Coffey-Harman, expressed her gratitude to the students for guiding her during her first year here at CSH, from being lost in the hallways, to silly handshakes and tiktok dances, kindness and care.
8th Graders, and welcome to High School!