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Moving Up Day - Lloyd Harbor

Principal, Valerie Massimo, addressed the 6th graders at their Moving Up ceremony on June 23, acknowledging first and foremost that, “Your Lloyd Harbor years were certainly not what any of us expected when they started here. They involved challenges and changes that were unfamiliar and unnatural. You lived through a most unusual era and persevered! Sixth Graders - I know I speak for all of the adults in your lives when I say that we are so incredibly proud of what you have accomplished!” She spoke of teamwork and the Tree of Dreams recently planted at Lloyd Harbor, that represents the hopes and dreams these students have for the future. All were reminded of the HIKER theme at Lloyd Harbor, which speaks to the core values of Honesty - Inclusiveness - Kindness - Empathy - and Respect. In closing, Ms. Massimo shared some words of wisdom from the book I AM ONE, by Susan Verde, which begins with a simple question… “How do I make a difference?” The answer unfolds with knowledge that “You are each ONE! And ONE by ONE we can make a difference! Because ONE is all it takes.” She challenged each student as they now enter the Junior High, to think about how each ONE of you can make a difference every day. ONE by ONE you will make a difference! Because ONE is all it takes. Superintendent, Jill M. Gierasch, shared, “You are leaving here uniquely prepared for the many opportunities the junior high has to offer… whether it's a new and challenging class, a club, team, or another drama production, you are ready! As you face a new academic year at the Junior High, my advice to you is to continue soaring boldly stepping forward. Continue marching to the beat of your own drum and may the years that lie ahead of you be as phenomenal as the years at Lloyd Harbor elementary.”
6th graders, and best of luck next year!